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Welcome to S8 Gaming, we are making updates as of February 27 - March 2nd. Please be patient while these updates are taking effect. Go to Announcements for more information.

S8 Gaming is a website for all Storm8 needs! You may submit an ATM Event to S8 Gaming, I am working on making this website a popular website!

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We have some allies to our website, these allies are

S8 Events

S8 Events - a Palringo group that posts Events and Codes for each Storm8 Game.

StormATM - ATM Website, also known as a famous Palringo group with 500+ members. This website has ATM Events, Income/Upkeep Building Calculator and ATM Links. Its awesome website.

Income/Upkeep Calculators

We have some awesome Calculators proudly created and linked to! Check out the Main Menu to see our calculators


Check out our newly created forums. We are currently working on this website mainly. These forums will be fully setup by March 4, so I am very busy.


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Worst Storm8 Community Member

Pac Pac -- Operation X Leader - This kid thinks he is king of the world, he thinks he has rights to do whatever the hell he wants.

About Storm8 Games

Storm8 is a Business/Company that has some awesome games for the Android and IPhone.

Racing Live
World War
Kingdoms Live
Rockstars Live
Ninja Live

You may visit these games at, these games are available for Android/IPhone/IPod Touch/IPad

*NOTE* Using the IPad, will make the graphics horrible if you (2X) and (1X) will be very small.
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