Palringo Messenger

Palringo is a PC/Android/iPhone based program, this is how groups such as PwnAtm WW, StormATM, Storm8 Group and S8 Events is created. We communicate by here, since we are a community group

1. We have some stricked staff on here, such as the website creator. So watch out
2. Do not disrespect administrators or moderators
3. Racism is not tolerated
4. You are not allowed to be in the group (PwnATM WW).
5. No cussing, spamming, nuking or anything of the sort
6. Respect other people (especially mods & admins)

Warning System:
The way our warning system works is that we have 3 warnings and 3 ban warnings

Warning 1: silenced (for a minute or 2)                                    
Warning 2: silenced (for a minute or 2)                                    
Warning 3: kicked (5 minutes) 
Ban 1: 24 hours.                                              
Ban 2: 48 hours                                            
Ban 3: 1 week

On Becoming an Administrator or Moderator
Admin: you must be an event ATM
Mod: you must be a open 24/7 ATM
If you are either ATM, PM me to be modded/admined
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