1. Eligibilty to view

This website is for everyone that play Storm8 games. You must be at least 9+ years old of age to view this website, we may have some swearing in some of our content but we mostly will not.

2. Stealing Content

Stealing events from other websites and posting it on here is in violation of our Copyright.

3. Impersonating

Impersonating staff members of this website and etc. Will result in ban this is including for other websites that are allianced with us.

Palringo Instant Messenger

Palringo is an online instant messenger, we communicate on here for our groups and other storm8 groups.

Please read the Palringo chatroom rules before joining our groups, you will be in violation if you do not agree to those rules.


StormATM is a storm8 atm group, their Income Building Calculators are on our website but are linked to them. Stealing their content and posting it on here is in big violation to our website and to StormATM, and S8 Gaming Web Creator stated "If someone steals an event of yours and posted it on our website. We will notify you with their name and Email address and contact you ASAP". With this state your name will be reported to StormATM, if this becomes a serious problem I will start reporting to Palringo and the website hoster (Weebly) and block/ban your IP.

You may go to StormATM.com they have awesome events!

Website: www.stormatm.com

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